Welcome To Project EpsilonEdit

Welcome to Project Epsilon. This Franchise has spent years in the making and we sincerely hope you enjoy the content we have on the way.


Project Epsilon is a Halo Machinima Franchise. Each Machinima is it's own individual story, although they are each in canon with each other. 4 people are mainly involved with developing and releasing these stories. Sll 006 Jai, Desmond II S382, GUARDIANxPRIME, and WhiteTigerz11. They are also in a well established partnership with WH1TSENDER over at Future Elements Films.


The idea of ever doing a Machinima started in the early summer of 2014. The original person with that idea was Calistilaigh, now Sll 006 Jai. SkyNight55, now Desmond II S382, soon joined in as Co-director (Sll 006 Jai being the Director). The both of them were mainly inspired by a Halo: Reach Machinima, named Rise of the Spartans, directed by Arbiter 617 over at Black Plasma Studios. They had trouble getting people involved in the beginning, with only about half a dozen people interested. Over time, they changed their story and the direction of their project. They met many more people and eventually got a story down. After constant writing and recruiting, they believed they were ready. By that time, many people lost interest and decided to leave. After many setbacks, they finally gave it one last go. After meeting GUARDIANxS117, they decided to expand their story. Guardian put in many ideas and in time, they had an entire Franchise planned.

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