Lukanye Lucamio is a SPARTAN-III in the organization known as, CASSRA. He commands Alpha Squadron from 2545 to 2552. Lukanye is specialized in close to medium range combat, using the DMR and Assault Rifle, eventually learning to use the Energy Sword. He is strategically superior to his comrades, showing his superb tactics and battle strategy. Lukanye truly cares for the closest to him and feels responsible for everyone around him.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Lukanye Lucamio was born on March 27th, 2524, on the planet Arcadia. He was the oldest of 4 brothers, the others being Drake, Daniel, and Justin. He had a happy childhood always pursuing education and extracurricular activities. His younger brother, Drake, was always the troublemaker. He was always causing fights and mouthing off to adults. At age 12, Lukanye met a little girl named Veronica. They became great friends, always playing together. His parents, Lisa and Adam, were very caring and were always there for him. His grandfather was a former Marine in the UNSC. Lukanye was always asking him questions about the war and what it was like, despite never having any interest to join himself. Drake was the eager one to join the military. In 2540, Lukanye, being a sophomore in High School, decided he wanted to be a mechanic like his father. He began learning a trade so he could later get a job after he graduated. He had high hopes for his life, never losing sight of the path he was set on.

Later that year, Arcadia was attacked by a Covenant fleet, led by Zakeleon ‘Avakavee. The planet was invaded and the UNSC began evacuating civilians off planet. Avery Jetta, leader of Death Company, personally evacuated the city Lukanye and his family resided in. Avery Jetta only managed to save Lukanye, Drake, and Veronica. Lukanye’s younger brothers, parents, and grandfather were left behind and presumably killed. The three of them were among three million survivors. They were left on the planet Reach as refugees. The three of them were left to starve on the streets until they were eventually taken in by a couple, Jasmine and Henry Reid. They had two kids of their own, Ethan and John. The three became friendly with John and spent most of their time interacting with him. Avery Jetta would occasionally stop by to give them food and money. Lukanye and Drake swore to avenge their family. Lukanye spent every day training to become a Marine.

Two years later, at age 18, Lukanye joined the UNSC. He was assigned to Death Company, under Avery Jetta. He spent 2 years gaining the respect of its members and becoming apart of their “family”. In 2544, he was offered to join an organization known as CASSRA (Combat Advancement of Super Soldier Research Association). He accepted in hopes of eventually finding the Sangheili responsible for the death of his family. He introduced his brother, Drake, to Death Company, as he was 18 and joining the UNSC. Once he joined CASSRA, he was placed through a year of training and then proceeded with augmentations to become a SPARTAN-III. He successfully completed both and became the Commander of Alpha Squadron. Lukanye then met David Anderson, a still active SPARTAN-II from the early days of CASSRA, who had been assigned to Alpha Squadron. In 2546, Lukanye met another SPARTAN-III, Jacob Croft, a skilled pilot and mechanic, who had also been assigned to Alpha Squadron. A year later. Lukanye was reunited with Veronica who had taken an offer to join CASSRA. She was assigned to Alpha Squadron at his request. A few months later, his brother Drake joined CASSRA. After a year of training and augmentations, Drake became the Commander of Bravo Squadron. In 2550, Veronica confessed her affection for Lukanye and they soon fell in love.

In 2552, the planet Reach was attacked by Covenant forces and Alpha Squadron is assigned to help defend it. They are eventually reassigned to assist Bravo Squadron with their mission on the deserted planet Arcadia. Kassandra Underwood was murdered by Zane Parker, leaving Drake devastated. They are then assigned to the abandoned planet, Titus, which is orbited by a Halo Installation. Alpha and Bravo Squadron defend the Installation until their last stand. On August 21st, 2552, Lukanye gives his life to save Veronica, his unborn sons, and the human race itself.

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